St. Vincent

St Vincent & The Grenadines is the Caribbean's most dramatic archipelago. Its awesome beauty begins with the cloud-shrouded volcanic peaks of St Vincent, stretching south to Grenada. Each speck of land along the way is surprisingly different, from rolling hills draped with thick foliage to dry low-lying islets with small white beaches. If you have the time, visit all 32 islands and cays - only 8 of them are populated so you are sure to find peace and tranquillity.

On St Vincent, the largest island, tropical splendour abounds, with fertile valleys, rainforested slopes and the famous black sand beaches. One of the Grenadines jewels, Mustique has earned the reputation for being the island for the rich and famous, while the island of Canouan is popular with yachties and has elongated beaches of powdery white sand perfect for sun-soaking. If you are in search of a holiday on unspoiled islands, St Vincent and The Grenadines are your perfect choice.

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