St. Kitts & Nevis

You can discover the old-world Caribbean on these twin islands, which remain largely untouched by late 20th-century life. Both are volcanic in origin and quite compact, with St. Kitts being the larger and livelier of the two. Stunning countryside and lush greenery are highlights of St. Kitts and Nevis.

On St. Kitts, see sweeping cane fields, steep mountains rising to 1500 metres and tropical rainforests populated with monkeys and hummingbirds. The south-east has the best white-sand beaches while many other beaches have captivating black sand. Explore St. Kitts' sea-faring history, or climb the unforgettable Mount Liamuiga, a dormant volcano which has a crater into which visitors can descend.

Nevis is quieter, with an even slower pace of life and a profusion of golden sandy beaches. Visit the markets in Charlestown, enjoy superb views from Nelson's Lookout and generally embrace the solitude, peace and romance of these forgotten island hideaways.

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St. Kitts & Nevis resorts

  • St Kitts Marriott Resort - 4 stars

    St. Kitts Marriott Resort & Royal Beach Casino captures the many moods of one of the most relaxing and romantic Caribbean Islands. This incredible resort offers an unparalleled island vacation experience.

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    St Kitts Marriott Resort