Dominican Republic

Christopher Columbus happened upon the island of Hispaniola in 1492, on Christmas Eve his ship, Santa Maria, was wrecked on the Atlantic shore. Little did he know that sprawling over two thirds of the island would someday be the Dominican Republic, with six international airports and the largest number of tourist class hotel rooms in the entire Caribbean.

This friendly island offers the vacationer a wide choice of areas to visit, each with its own distinct flavour. The Dominican Republic is a treasure offering its visitors the wealth of 500 years of western history combined with what many agree to be the most magnificent beaches of the entire Caribbean. The country's gourmet cuisine, joyful Merengue music, charming mountains, and warmth and hospitality add to an impressive list of reasons a Dominican Republic vacation is one not to be forgotten.

In Santo Domingo, its capital, you can stroll down the oldest street in the Western Hemisphere, and view the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Afterwards, enjoy the city's sophisticated mix of museums, galleries, casinos and night-clubs. Dominicana reflects the charismatic allure and romantic intrigue of an island that has 500 years of history.

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