Local legend has it there is a beach for every day of the year. Whilst that may be a slight exaggeration, there's no doubt that the plethora of secluded coves, many with soft, white beaches and crystal clear waters, make Antigua a sun-seeker's paradise. With a rich colonial heritage, the island offers more history and intrigue than most tropical retreats. Rustic ambience built up over centuries of sugar cane farming still dominates the island with old sugar mills in the form of stone towers dotting the rolling landscape. Visit Nelson's Dockyard National Park, featuring remnants of the docks used by Admiral Nelson and the British Fleet during the Napoleonic Wars.

The capital, St. Johns, has wonderful cobbled streets and characteristic Caribbean wooden dwellings painted in psychedelic colours. It is also the main centre for shopping and dining and hosts the rollicking Summer Carnival in August.

For something different, why not join a sailing crew for the famous Antigua Race Week in April for a festival of racing and onshore fun. So while Antigua is a must for beach lovers, it has so much more for a truly memorable holiday.

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Antigua resorts

  • Carlisle Bay Antigua - 5 stars

    Caribbean Chic. Why Wait 2011 Summer Sale, Double occupancy AUD $512 per night, Double occupancy Includes Breakfast & Afternoon Tea. Valid for stays until 30 November 11 Prices include all taxes and service charges.

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    Carlisle Bay  Antigua
  • Cocobay Resort - 4 stars

    Cocobay, an exclusive getaway on the sunset side of Antigua, offers many unique experiences for even the most discerning traveller providing a blissful atmosphere among its gingerbread fretwork, sandy beaches and plantation-style Caribbean chic.

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    Cocobay Resort
  • Grand Royal Antigua
  • Jolly Beach Resort - 3 stars

    Discover Jolly Beach Resort, the all-inclusive jewel in this island in the sun. Enjoy comfortable air-conditioned accommodations, in intimate and colourfully decorated.

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    Jolly Beach Resort