Hola! When you think of Mexico, several things probably come to mind: brightly coloured tapestries; the lively atmosphere of a fiesta; the soulful strains of a mariachi band. But did you know Mexico is also home to cosmopolitan cities, ancient ruins and some of the best beaches in the Americas? For your next holiday, let Caribbean Destinations introduce you to a whole new world of Mexico.

With over 13 years of experience and a team of knowledgeable consultants, we offer the best value, service and expertise in the industry. When planning your holiday to Mexico, let Caribbean Destinations, along with your travel agent, be your host in discovering this country of fascinating contrasts, from centuries old Mayan and Aztec temples, to today's luxurious beach front resorts on the Pacific coast and the Mexican Caribbean coast. Mexico is unforgettable, especially the warm hearted locals who cherish their rich cultural heritage and love to share it with you.

Caribbean Destinations has become one of Australia's leading travel companies that specialise in Mexico, working closely with the major airlines and more than 140 hotels located all over Mexico.

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